Jan Day's Tip For Success In The Beauty Biz: Be An Expert!

"Everyone is good at something"....that's what my grandmother Jan Day always said. She was always trying to find the best in everyone she met. She had a knack for identifying talent in every person she came into contact with. She also taught me that to be a successful business owner you must also be an expert in whatever it is you are good at! Find out what what your strengths are. What can you be an expert at within your own business? Let's take the beauty business, for example. Perhaps you are fantastic at applying make-up: present yourself as a professional make-up artist. Perhaps you take a keen interest in skincare: set out to learn everything that goes into the products you sell and why they work so that you can be a "professional skin care expert". More than the products we sell, we also sell a service. Find out why someone would want to buy cosmetics from you rather than somebody else? Its a great exercise to find this out and in fact it is quite easy! My grandmother always believed that you should be an expert at something you enjoy. What do you enjoy about selling beauty products? What aspect of the business do you love? For example, if its the products themselves you love, you can be a skincare aficionado: Someone who's tried every type of skincare under the sun and your beauty products were the only ones that truly worked. I promise you, if you told me that, I would try your beauty products immediately and I would only buy them from you.
If you sell beauty products, here are a few examples of "beauty experts" that you may be able to identify with in your field:
Make-Up Artist
You have a talent for applying makeup on other people
Perks: Other paid services you can offer are makeup applications for special events,  photoshoots, and makeovers. 
Skin Care Expert
You take a keen interest on how skincare works for certain skin types 
Perks: Your clients will refer a friend to you every time a friend complains of a skin problem. Let's face it, nobody is 100% satisfied with their skin and as a woman its one of the most important things we think about. You will attract everyone to your business!
Business Owner & Entrepreneur
You love to make money and have a natural knack for team building and network building
Perks: Everyone can use extra money. Friends and clients will look to you for guidance on how to make money and will be interested to learn about your beauty business 
Beauty Expert
You have a natural gift for seeing how others can better the way they look by using certain products or making changes to their visual presentation
Perks: Everyone wants to look their best. If you have a knack for teaching them tricks that work, they will be loyal for life!
Beauty Blogger
You have a natural talent for social media and you love the beauty biz
Perks: You will have a vast reach to new clients on the internet. Your new blog posts will keep your clients excited about your beauty products and they may become loyal customers for life!
You can also make up your own "expertise" that isn't listed above. Write some more ideas in the comments below!
What expert are you? My grandmother would want to know ;)

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