About Us

The Jan & Frank Day Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that preserves the legacy and visionary spirit of Jan and Frank Day, founders of Jafra Cosmetics, and expands their philanthropic work to help women worldwide achieve financial independence by providing guidance, education, and support to help them reach their fullest potential. 

Since starting operations in 2018, the Jan & Frank Day Foundation  kickstarted our first program in 2019: "The Day Legacy Program". We transformed the original residence of Jan & Frank Day in Malibu CA into a safe haven for women and it became a place once again to inspire, educate, and support women to become successful. In April 2021 we launched our second program The Jan Day Pro Makeup For Success Program to our first group of recipients, to help underprivileged women kickstart their careers in the beauty industry as professional makeup artists!

Discover how you can get involved by volunteering, supporting the organization financially, or help in other ways by clicking the links below.

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