A Letter From Our Founder, Estel Day

Your mother is the first one you know, the first who holds you, the first you trust. She brings you into this world and loves you unconditionally, teaching you, helping you to become the best you can be. What if you could meet your mother as a young woman and open a world of opportunities for her, provide support for her in all areas of life so she can live to her fullest potential. My grandparents, Jan and Frank Day, inspired and empowered thousands of women just like your mother to be the best versions of themselves. They gave them the tools to blossom, the wings to fly, and they showed them that the sky is the limit. As a result, hundreds of thousands of women from all walks of life have been able to live empowered and fulfilled lives and help provide better lives for their children and families. It is my mission through the Jan & Frank Day Foundation to continue the legacy of my grandparents and help mothers and daughters become the best versions of themselves. I ask you to join me on this mission. Together we can help women fly higher than they ever imagined!
With Love, 
Estel Day