Longing to be financially independent after the birth of her child in the 1950's, young Jan Day set out to build a career in the beauty industry. She interviewed for a position as a beauty consultant for a direct sales company specializing in cosmetics. Shockingly, during her interview she was told by the owner of the company that she wasn't "glamorous enough to be in the Beauty Industry." Rather than being discouraged by such condescending remarks, she was now determined to not only persist on her path but to create an entity which would provide other women like herself with opportunities. Jan and her husband, Frank Day, saved every penny and co-founded their own company JAFRA COSMETICS, a direct sales cosmetics company dedicated to giving every woman the opportunity to be independent. Through relentless dedication and hard work, she achieved her goal, and she empowered hundreds of thousands of women around the world by opening for them the path that had been denied to her. After Jan and Frank Day sold the company to The Gillette Co in 1973, they turned their home in Malibu, CA into a hub for philanthropy. They regularly hosted inspirational gatherings, educational events, and provided a safe place where women could go to get help in times of need. The Days were also very supportive of women's education. They created the Jan and Frank Day Scholarship Fund for struggling young women attending college. 


Estel Day, the granddaughter of Jan and Frank Day, was inspired by her grandparents to become an entrepreneur herself, and she co-founded the women's fashion label MARK AND ESTEL. She found herself struggling with many of the same challenges her grandmother had faced as a woman. Estel vowed that one day she would create a safe haven of inspiration and support for women seeking financial independence and continue her grandparents' philanthropic work. In 2018 she created the Jan & Frank Day Foundation to preserve the legacy of her grandparents and empower women to become financially independent, helping them with the challenges they face along the way.