Our Programs


The mission of the Jan & Frank Day Foundation is to preserve and continue the legacy and visionary spirit of Jan and Frank Day, founders of Jafra Cosmetics, and to expand their philanthropic work helping women worldwide achieve financial independence by providing guidance, education, and support.


Jan and Frank Day’s original home in Malibu, California, is once again a place for women to find inspiration, guidance, and support as it was during the Day's lifetime. The foundation hosts events, classes, and gatherings empowering women on the path to financial independence. With your help, the original home of Jan and Frank Day can continue to be a place that continues to transform women.


Jan and Frank Day paved the way to financial independence for hundreds of thousands of women in the beauty industry. The foundation is developing a program to help women who otherwise would not have the resources to educate themselves in Professional Makeup Artistry. It will provide the recipients of the program with the education, mentorship, tools, and products they need to be successful Professional Makeup Artists. With your contribution, we can continue Jan and Frank Day's legacy and make the dreams of aspiring makeup artists come true!


Jan Day worked four jobs to put herself through college and suffered through much hardship to obtain her degree. Women's education was something very close to her heart because of her own experiences as a struggling young woman. During her lifetime she had created the Jan and Frank Day Scholarship Fund which paid for multiple college tuitions. The Jan & Frank Day Foundation is developing a program that will pay for women's college or vocational education in the fields of Beauty, Fashion, Science, Music, Entertainment, Advertising & Marketing, Wellness, and Literary Arts. A panel of experts from each industry will chose a woman from applicants in each category. The Jan & Frank Day Foundation will connect each recipient with an expert in their industry who will act as a mentor on the journey in the student’s chosen field. With your help, we can continue Jan and Frank Day's philanthropic work to help women find higher education.