Our Programs


The mission of the Jan & Frank Day Foundation is to preserve and continue the legacy and visionary spirit of Jan and Frank Day, founders of Jafra Cosmetics, and to expand their philanthropic work helping women worldwide achieve financial independence by providing guidance, education, and support.


Jan and Frank Day’s original home in Malibu, California, is once again a place for women to find inspiration, guidance, and support as it was during the Day's lifetime. In 2019, we reopened the doors of the home which has become the heart of the foundation. Here, the foundation carries out our mission and hosts events, classes, and gatherings empowering women on the path to financial independence. With your help, the original home of Jan and Frank Day can continue to be a place that continues to transform women.


In April 2021 we launched the Jan Day Pro Makeup For Success Program to help women who are struggling to fulfill their dreams of becoming Professional Makeup Artists because they lack the resources, finances, and guidance to do so. Our goal is to provide 1,500 recipients of the program with a two month professional makeup artistry course to become certified pro makeup artists, mentorship provided by professionals in the beauty, entertainment and fashion industries, and a pro makeup artistry kit of $1000 worth of cosmetic products to kickstart their careers. Currently the first group of recipients have entered the Jan Day Pro Makeup For Success Program in April, and are paving the way for 1500 women to follow in their footsteps through our program. With your contribution, we can continue Jan and Frank Day's legacy and help give women the support they need to make their dreams come true in the beauty industry!